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Malport Smart Yard

Malport Smart Terminal Enhancements

Improving Capacity and Service Level

With the launch of the Smart Terminal Project, Malport was one of the first terminals where Smart Terminal changes were deployed. This initiative was aimed to support year over year volume growth and customer service levels. In light of this focus, we redesigned our Malport yard, which has improved capacity and service levels, while maintaining our priority for safety.

Some of the changes to the yard included:

  • New naming conventions for the aisles and container piles for added granularity:
    • Aisles start with aisle 2 (closest to track C302) followed by aisles 3, 4 and 5 (closest to track C305)
    • Container piles are divided into lettered zones starting with letter A at the far east side.
  • Streamlined aisle width to ensure fluidity, reduce congestion and enhance safety.
  • Added in new zone and directional signs to safely navigate the yard:
    • New zone signs have made it easier for carters to locate containers across the yard. These are installed at the end of each zone.
    • New directional signs have been added to direct carters across the yard. These are located near the entrance and at the far east end of the yard.

These changes are helping our carter community quickly locate containers and streamline loading and unloading, resulting in improved service time, reduced congestion while improving the overall experience for every carter.