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CN Express Pass


Improving Terminal Experience and Efficiency

At CN, we’re dedicated to enhancing the customer experience through the CN terminals. With an exponentially increasing volume of shipments across the CN supply chain network, we are upgrading our systems with advanced technologies and to improve customer service.

As part of this initiative, we’ve launched an augmented mobile application that will significantly improve a driver’s journey at CN terminals. The application has launched at the Brampton and Malport terminal and will be rolled out to other CN terminals thereafter.

This next generation application builds on the successes of the ModalPass application, elevated with these enriched features which will allow you to accurately validate the travel information before you come to the terminal.

Available Functionality

  • The registration process has been streamlined to make it easier for the truckers to sign up
  • Booking information is pre-populated to reduce trucker input
  • Equipment damage is easy to record in the application

Additional functionality is planned for subsequent releases, including the ability for dispatchers to have direct access in supporting driver journeys at CN terminals.

Our goal is to continuously improve the customer experience, which can be achieved through your valuable feedback. Contact us if you have questions or comments.

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