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Supply Chain Services


Distribution Services, Transloading and Warehousing

Meeting Our Customers' Diverse Needs

Supply chain has many working parts and CN's work doesn't stop at rail. We go the extra mile to offer our customers value-added services to help them reach their target market. We can handle bulk cargo from rail to truck with our CargoFlo service, get a fleet of vehicles road-ready and house customer cargo until they are ready to ship it. Explore our range of transloading and distribution services.


Distribution Services 

From Truck to Rail or Rail to Truck

Your supply chain has many working parts and CN’s job doesn’t stop at rail. We go the extra mile to offer our customers value-added services to help you reach your target market. We can handle liquid through our CargoFlo service, and all other bulk commodities through our network of warehouse and distribution centers. With capabilities for shipping, transloading, stuffing and storing a diverse range of commodities, we truly mean it when we say “We can do it.”




Driven for Success

Whether it's a sports car or an SUV, many cars need a little TLC before they are sent to North American drivers. CN Autoport provides the warehousing, distribution and finishing touch services needed to get cars road-ready.

Reaching 19 locations across North America, Autoport handles more than 2 million import and domestic vehicles annually. We've developed a sophisticated system to monitor the status and position of every car under our watch, along with accessorizing, painting and body shop services.




Space for Customer Growth

We have 1.3 million square feet of space to share with customers across network - that's over 27 football fields. With 80 facilities strategically located across North America, we help customers manage their inventory as market demands fluctuate, reaching new markets quicker and more efficiently.



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