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Taking on Winter

Winter Situation Report

Get daily snapshots of CN’s network! The Winter Situation Report, available under our Customer Reports section and through eBusiness, offers greater visibility of our network’s conditions throughout the winter.

What is the Winter Situation Report?

  • Dynamic network map highlighting our mainline track and key terminals, along with a 7-day history of the daily snapshots
  • Indication of severe temperature and snow fall conditions
  • Visual representation of where winter-related asset constraints exist

How to Use It

  • Make this tool part of your planning process by leveraging this increased visibility into CN’s operations
  • Refer to it daily, as it is updated every 24 hours at the same time every day

Where to Find It

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Service Delivery Representative at 1-866-926-7245, or your Intermodal Logistics Coordinator.