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Through innovation and continued investment, CN is committed to superior service for our food and beverage customers. Our state-of-the art equipment ensures that your perishable products get to market fresh and at the desired temperature. From our EcoTherm insulated containers that stop beverages from freezing for up to 8 days while in transit to our refrigerated CargoCool containers that feature the latest in temperature-monitoring technology to ensure food security, CN is dedicated to providing an efficient end-to-end food and beverage supply chain.

Essential Resources
We’ve assembled a toolkit of information you need to know about working with CN. We’re all in this together and we want to equip you with any and all information you need about working safely and efficiently with us.



RILA - LINK Retail Supply Chain Conference

August 17 to 20, 2021

Orlando, FL

Highly Diversified Domestic Growth Strategy
Highly Diversified Domestic Growth Strategy

Business Unit Overview: Food & Beverages CN - Petroleum & Chemicals


  • CN’s three-coast port access provides seamless import/export opportunities for food and beverages to/from Asia, Europe, South America.
  • CN is the first railroad to introduce a refrigerated program operating in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico that offers traceability and post-audit capability.
  • CN’s sophisticated and innovative digital monitoring system in CargoCoolTM refrigerated containers provide end-to-end visibility of your perishable cargo’s journey.

  • CN’s CargoCool is one of Canada’s largest reefer fleets.
  • 17 refrigerated containers can be powered by a single IntelliGen’s power pack.
  • CN’s EcoTherm insulated containers keep products from freezing for up to 8 days while in transit

Shipping With CN
CN’s sales team works hand-in-hand with customers to help them reach new markets and grow their business. With 24/7 customer service and a suite of digital tools for managing your shipments, we’ve built a toolkit that works for our customers.
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