CargoCool Olymel
OCT 16, 2023

Getting Perishable Products Safely to Market

The Olymel Success Story

For temperature-sensitive commodities moving overseas, reliability and Integrity of the cold supply chain are of critical importance to shippers. It’s a priority CN understands and supports through its industry-leading Temperature-Controlled Service for customers like Olymel.

The Quebec-based company has deep roots in the food business. It is the Canadian leader in the production, processing and distribution of pork and poultry meat, exporting its products to over 65 countries, including major markets in China, Japan and South Korea in addition to serving the Canadian market. Food safety is its number one priority.

From its plants in southern Quebec, the chilled pork is transferred by refrigerated containers to CN’s Taschereau Yard, where the reefers are sent by rail to the Port of Vancouver and loaded onto shipping vessels. The shelf life of the pork from the slaughterhouse to the consumer in Asia is 60 days. “It's vital to maintain the cold chain for this type of product along the entire journey. CN is always on the lookout for solutions to enable us to maintain our quality standards, and can intervene to reduce delays or in the event of a problem,” says Gabriel Savoie, Director, Exports, at Olymel.

CN Intelligen ™ Powerpack Generators

Genset Fleet

The advantage of CN’s Intelligen ™ genset technology during shipment is significant. The innovative technology manages the flow of electric power to all different types of ISO reefer containers while in transit on CN, ensuring that products reach their destination safely, on time and at the right temperature.

Unmatched reliability and post audit capability that food shippers depend on.

Visibility and Control

  • Temperature Control: View and control set point temperature while keeping track of baseline.
  • Notifications and Alerts: Real-time email alerts on any exceptions
  • Location: GPS tracking position for all containers and cargo
  • Visibility: Detailed audit trail of all processes
  • Fuel Consumption: Real-time fuel consumption reporting

As more goods travel further around the globe, CN remains focused on helping those goods arrive intact no matter the mileage.