Anchor in Halifax: The Atlantic Gateway to Trade
MAR 07, 2024

Anchor in Halifax: The Atlantic Gateway to Trade

International Intermodal

Partner with CN and PSA Halifax to get your goods to market faster! Halifax is the fastest growing container port in Atlantic Canada with fast and fluid inland service provided exclusively by CN.

Halifax is the closest North American gateway to Europe, Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent: just 8 days from Antwerp, Belgium, 28 days from Singapore, and 21 days from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Benefit from highly competitive transit times to key North American consumer markets – including to the U.S. Midwest within 3 days! We work closely with the port, terminal operator (PSA), and transload providers, to provide fully integrated best-in-class service and deliver up to 1.5 days quicker than other East Coast ports.

Port of Halifax in Numbers

Reefer plugs for refrigerator containers to keep temperature-sensitive products safe
Ship-to-shore super cranes for streamlined container operations
Feet of on-dock rail capacity for fast and efficient train loading and unloading
TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) annual capacity

Average rail transit times from Halifax to:

Destinations Time
Montreal day
Toronto days
Detroit days
Chicago days

Offering one of the lowest import container dwell times of North American ports, Halifax is the only eastern Canadian port with a natural deep harbour that can accommodate the largest container vessels. Investments in 10 mega ship-to-shore cranes and 18,000 feet of direct on-dock rail ensure swift container movement upon unloading.

High vessel productivity coupled with fast turnaround times mean containers make it quickly from ship to daily double-stack trains for direct service on CN’s fluid rail network. From the Port of Halifax, CN has the best transit times to Montreal, Toronto, and Chicago than from any other East Coast port – that’s the CN advantage!

The Port of Halifax is a growing force in global trade. Make us a key link in your supply chain with consistent, reliable, and efficient service. Start shipping today!