JAN 30, 2023

Tapping into a good idea

Employees unite against single-use plastics

EcoChampions - Sabrina Antoniazzi

CN supports global efforts to reduce harmful plastic waste and that means finding solutions to reduce single-use plastic water bottles in our rail yards and offices wherever possible.

CN’s EcoConnexions Employee Engagement program empowers employees and their families to conserve energy, reduce waste, and improve housekeeping. Investments for these initiatives are supported by our $5-million CN EcoFund, which reinvests cost savings generated into new capital projects.

CN’s EcoConnexions program has long encouraged the use of reusable water bottles at the railroad and employees have enthusiastically supported the move to more sustainable water solutions, such as water fountains and dispensers. The EcoConnexions team recently compiled a list of 170 requests for water stations from EcoChampions across various functions and worked with a project team, including Vince Power, Manager, Facility Management, Eric Tsoi, Supervisor, Facility Maintenance, and John Keating, Supervisor, Facility Maintenance, to get the project started. In 2021 and 2022, CN used some of the EcoFund to install 60 water stations in 19 yards. And the good idea will continue to flow.

“In 2023,” says Sabrina Antoniazzi, Project Manager, Facility Management at CN, “we aim to continuously invest in water stations across our network. But before installation, because safety is our core value, we have a third party conduct a water analysis to ensure the water is safe to drink. It’s all part of efforts to reduce single-use plastic.”

CN’s EcoConnexions Employee Engagement program – a partnership with Earth Rangers – drives sustainability across CN's network by empowering employees and their families to conserve energy, reduce waste, and improve housekeeping.

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