OCT 08, 2020

Transload and Distribution 101

For bulk shippers who do not have rail-served facilities, CN’s Distribution Services team provides essential services for getting their goods to market safely and efficiently. With service offerings including shipping, transloading, stuffing, and storing for a diverse range of commodities, this team is dedicated to providing end-to-end supply chain solutions for our customers.

What is Transload?

CN transload and distribution centers are designed for the seamless exchange of commodities between truck and train and vice versa. CN’s 31 distribution centers are strategically located across Canada and the United States. Centers are conveniently accessible by major highway to make it easy for shippers to benefit from CN’s three-coast network and unparalleled supply chain partnerships, even without direct rail access.

Among these distribution centers are facilities for the transloading of forest products, metals and minerals, automotive, grains and CN’s CargoFlo. CargoFlo facilities handle a variety of liquid and bulk goods including specialty grains, plastics, food grade liquids, etc. – safely and contaminant-free. CN’s distribution centers provide customer solutions including temporary storage, handling, and just-in-time deliveries.

Who can benefit from CN’s Distribution Services?

Shippers without direct rail access, as well as shippers of seasonal bulk goods, or those shipping in smaller quantities per order can all benefit from CN’s Transload and Distribution Services.

The Distribution Services Team

Consisting of almost 300 management, hourly, and unionized employees operating as One Team, Distribution Services includes roles such as Customer Service Representatives, Logistics Coordinators, Equipment Operators, Transloaders and more. This dedicated team works to give shippers the transportation options that match their supply chain needs.

Commitment to Safety

At CN, safety is a core value and so too the Distribution Services team’s primary concern is ensuring the safety of our customers and our team as well as the safe delivery of our customers’ goods. Through an uncompromising safety culture committed to constant improvement, the Distribution Services team is committed to mitigating risks through diligent planning, training, and open communication.

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