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Moving Dangerous Goods Safely

Rail transportation in North America is recognized as the safest method of moving large quantities of dangerous goods or hazardous materials across Canada and the United States. That is why CN is legally required to move dangerous goods, products that are essential to the economy of the United States and Canada and involved in the production of so much of what we as consumers buy and use everyday.

We recognize the important responsibility we have to protect the safety of communities when transporting dangerous goods, and have implemented comprehensive initiatives to protect safety and minimize risk.

We believe the rail industry can enhance safety by working closely with communities. We engage first responders and local officials, sharing information about our safety programs, notification and response protocols, and the training we can offer in support of our mutual goal to protect public safety.

Communities are also informed about what dangerous goods are transported through their area to help emergency response agencies better prepare for response to a potential incident.

Dangerous Goods by Province

Click on the name of each province for information about the percentage of CN traffic that was loaded with Dangerous Goods and information on the top 10 products shipped through the province in the last calendar year.

Local emergency planners can receive detailed dangerous goods / hazardous materials training and information for their community.


Programs and Partnerships

Railroad Emergency Contacts

CN Police 1-800-465-9239

  •  Amtrak  1-800-331-0008
  • (BNSF) Burlington Northern Santa Fe  1-800-832-5452
  • (CP) Canadian Pacific   1-800-716-9132
  • CSX Transportation 1-800-232-0144
  • (KCS) Kansas City Southern 1-800-527-9464
  • NS Norfolk Southern  1-800-453-2530
  • Ontario Northland  1-800-558-4129
  • UP Union Pacific  1-888-UPRR-COP (877-7267)
  • Via Rail  1-888-VIA-RAIL (842-7245)