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First Responders Training and Resources

CN reaches hundreds of communities along our rail network, regularly sharing information on dangerous goods traffic and bringing critical training to emergency responders through TransCAER® (Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response).

Many other training resources and tools are made available online by industry associations and safety organizations to help responders prepare for a potential rail incident, some of which can be found below.

If you would like to request training from CN, or have a non-urgent question email the Dangerous Goods Team here or find the Dangerous Goods Officer nearest you.



Our Dangerous Goods Team offers comprehensive training focusing on emergency response to railway incidents. Since 1988, CN has trained over 100,000 first responders in classrooms and in the field.

Apps and Other Resources

Railroad Emergency Contacts

CN Police 1-800-465-9239

  •  Amtrak  1-800-331-0008
  • (BNSF) Burlington Northern Santa Fe  1-800-832-5452
  • (CP) Canadian Pacific   1-800-716-9132
  • CSX Transportation 1-800-232-0144
  • (KCS) Kansas City Southern 1-800-527-9464
  • NS Norfolk Southern  1-800-453-2530
  • Ontario Northland  1-800-558-4129
  • UP Union Pacific  1-888-UPRR-COP (877-7267)
  • Via Rail  1-888-VIA-RAIL (842-7245)