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Smart Terminals

Smart Terminal Program

Digitally transforming terminal operations to optimize capacity and better serve our customers.

As a leading North American transportation and logistics company, technology enablement is at the forefront to drive efficiencies at CN. The Smart Terminal Program was launched in 2019 to digitally transform select CN intermodal terminals to align with logistics & industry 4.0 technologies aimed to deliver a differentiated customer experience and meet expected business growth.

The Program’s transformational journey is multifaceted, and it began with the replacement of the core terminal operating system, the backbone to our operations. Layering in additional software and hardware technologies through IoT (internet of things), the program has enabled real time visibility to terminal inventory, and heavy machine operations so that capacity planning can be optimized and service levels can be improved to meet demand. Coupled with enhancing terminal yard design for better navigation, the program’s commitment to sustainability remains and to continuously improve efficiencies across the board by enabling advanced prioritization capabilities to service our logistics & trucking partners in a timely manner.

Where are we today?

The Smart Terminal digitalization of our intermodal terminal operations will continue to follow a phased approach throughout 2022 until 2024 among all CN intermodal terminals. To date, the following locations have been equipped with Smart Terminal capabilities:


 Telematics installed on Terminal Equipment

 New Yard Design

 New Terminal Operating System

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 Telematics Installed on Terminal Equipment

 New Yard Design

 New Terminal Operating System (Q1 2023)

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