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The Best of Both Worlds

CN pairs the efficiency of rail with the added flexibility of trucking to better serve our local and regional customers. We accomplish this with solid trucking partners, working together every step of the way as one team - CNTL.

One of Canada’s largest full-load trucking companies CNTL has more than 1,050 owner operators, plus a fleet of 8,000 chassis and 8,000 containers.

Quick, Efficient, Cohesive

We deliver more than 1,300 loads a day, safely and on time; with a 90% on-time delivery track record. Our Speed Gate system reduces in-gate and out-gate times, giving recognized trucking partners quick access to CN’s strategically located Intermodal Terminals.

CNTL Brochure

Please click here to read about the best practices for ensuring a safe and efficient interaction between CNTL operators and customers.

What We Offer

Door-to-Door Service
  • Local pick-up and delivery
  • Regional and long-haul delivery throughout Canada 
    and the U.S.
  • Chassis to handle all types of containers
  • 24/7 service
Import and Export Dray
  • Drayage of containers to or from our network of intermodal terminals across North America
  • Truck service to all ports in Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal, and New Orleans

Interline Services
  • 53’ boxes to multiple U.S. and Mexican destinations
  • Complete door-to-door visibility from one source
  • Customs clearance services
Specialized Services

Become a CNTL Owner/ Operator Contractor

CNTL contracts independent truck owner operators to move cargo between CN’s intermodal terminals and customer locations. Intermodal has grown rapidly in recent years and will only continue to grow. Efficient and innovative, it's generating new opportunities for independent owner operators.