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MONTREAL, March 26, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (TSX: CNR) (NYSE: CNI) Building upon its commitment to Reconciliation and Indigenous engagement, CN today released its new Indigenous Relations Policy for the company.

In this Policy, CN is building a foundation that rests on five guiding principles:

  • Cultural Awareness and Employee Engagement
  • People and Employment
  • Community Engagement and Relationships
  • Economic Reconciliation
  • Environmental Stewardship and Safety

"CN is deeply committed to Reconciliation and continuing to work collaboratively alongside Indigenous communities across our network. This new Indigenous Relations Policy is an opportunity for growth, understanding, and positive change. By acknowledging our past and embracing our responsibilities, we are laying a stronger foundation to continue to develop respectful, sustainable, and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous peoples."

- Olivier Chouc, Senior Vice-President, and Chief Legal Officer

CN has made it a priority to strengthen ties, cultivate and develop mutually beneficial relationships, and create economic opportunities as part of its work towards reconciliation. CN has a team of managers to lead this work, including Indigenous and regional representation. This team is engaging proactively with communities, to develop and nurture strong, and respectful relationships with Indigenous communities across Canada. CN recognizes that a lot of this work must start from within, that’s why this team is also working hand in hand with numerous departments at CN as this new policy is implemented.

“This new policy is just one piece of the comprehensive work being undertaken at CN to build strong and meaningful relationships with Indigenous peoples. We continue to work on developing our first-ever Reconciliation Action Plan. This plan will outline specific and measurable initiatives creating a true benchmark for CN to track its performance and progress. We look forward to sharing our Reconciliation Action Plan later this year.”

- Mélanie Allaire, Head of Indigenous Relations

We respectfully acknowledge that our railway was built and continues to be operated across many traditional territories and treaty areas of Indigenous Peoples. Today’s announcement is another step in CN’s journey towards Reconciliation. It follows CN’s Acknowledgment of the historical role railways have played as instruments of colonial policies and the intergenerational impacts these policies have had on Indigenous communities, published in December 2023.

About CN
CN’s network spans nearly 20,000 miles and operates within or adjacent to nearly 230 reserve lands of more than 120 First Nations and Métis communities in Canada and 7 Tribal reservations in the United States.


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