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MONTREAL, Nov. 25, 2019 -- CN would like to update you on the negotiations with the union, which represents approximately 3,200 of CN employees working as train conductors and railyard coordinators in Canada.

Negotiations continued through the weekend and CN remains committed to working closely with the federal mediators in order to reach a fair agreement.

For those reasons, CN has proposed solutions to end the strike or continue negotiating without further impacting the economy. The company has proposed to the union to return to work and to submit remaining differences to voluntary binding arbitration, to date the union has not accepted CN’s offer.

CN recognizes the impact this strike is having on customers and on the Canadian economy. CN understands that this labour dispute is affecting their operations and can result in forced shutdowns and layoffs. We want to thank our customers and assure them that the Company will be prepared to start recovering at the end of the strike.

CN’s small pool of qualified management employees only allows the Company to operate at approximately 10% of normal service across its extensive 22,000 kilometre long Canadian network safely and help keep the Canadian economy moving. We are doing everything we can to move as much as we can given that we are in a strike.

CN is aware of the recording released earlier by the union and is looking into the matter.