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Advocating for voluntary binding arbitration

MONTREAL, Nov. 22, 2019 -- The 3,200 TCRC-CTY affiliated employees at CN are on strike. CN has a small pool of qualified managers that only allows the company to operate at approximately 10% of normal service across its extensive 22,000 kilometre long Canadian network safely. Currently, very limited amounts of various commodities are moving across the country. This includes container traffic to keep Canada’s ports fluid to be able to return to normal operations after the strike

CN would like to thank its customers for their support and patience as well as its team of dedicated railroaders for their professionalism during this unfortunate labour dispute and assures them that the Company will be prepared to start recovering at the end of the strike.

CN calls on the TCRC to accept voluntary binding arbitration by an independent third party selected jointly by CN and the TCRC, or by the Minister of Labour, as a means to end this labour dispute and return immediately to the business of moving the Canadian economy safely and efficiently.