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CN encourages communities all across its network in a joint safety effort

MONTREAL, Sept. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CN (TSX: CNR) (NYSE: CNI) today launched its railway safety awareness campaign kicking off Rail Safety Week 2019 across Canada and the United States.

“2019 is a very special year for CN as its marks our 100th anniversary. Since the origin, safety has been a core value at CN,” said Stephen Covey, chief of police and chief security officer at CN. “On our journey to become the safest railroad in North America, we want to continue to collaborate with the communities where we operate to reinforce a strong safety culture to help prevent accidents and injuries at rail crossings, and ensure everyone’s safety on and around railroad infrastructure.”

As rail safety is a shared responsibility, the cities, towns and Aboriginal communities CN serves are powerful allies in promoting rail safety in their community. By looking out for each other and working together, the industry, the communities, and the general public can all prevent fatalities and injuries on or near railroad property.

Over the last year, 156 communities across CN’s network signed resolutions or proclamations in supporting Rail Safety Week.

During Rail Safety Week, CN Police Service (CNPS) will be out in communities across Canada and the United States raising awareness of the potentially devastating consequences of trespassing on railway tracks and disregarding railway safety signs and devices at level crossings.

“Even if significant progress has been made in the past years, there are still too many people who die while trespassing on railway property. Almost all of those incidents are preventable,” said Mr. Covey “As rail safety is a shared responsibility, we encourage everybody to take a moment to think about what they can do to improve rail safety in their community. It can be by changing our behaviour, by talking about rail safety with our family, friends and colleagues or by taking actions.”

Again this year, visitors to CN’s Rail Safety Pledge website can view virtual reality videos on a desktop, laptop or mobile device, and visitors with access to any Google Cardboard viewer can experience this immersive virtual reality environment.

CN is encouraging the public to take the Rail Safety Pledge online, which they can easily share, with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

The Rail Safety Pledge asks people to share rail safety tips in their community, talk about rail safety at their local schools, or report unsafe behaviour around trains or railway property.

Get rail safety tips, take the Rail Safety Pledge, and live the 360° rail safety experience on your computer or mobile device at

Every year, CN Police Service responds to hundreds of events along CN’s network across 8 Canadian provinces and 16 U.S. states. In addition to patrolling CN property, CNPS officers deliver rail safety presentations to schools, trucking agencies, bus operators and community organizations. By rolling out strategic educational initiatives and conducting targeted operations, CNPS aims to promote safe behaviours and increase awareness of rail safety. CNPS is committed to making CN the safest railroad in North America.

For information or an interview with CN Police, contact:

Alexandre Boulé
Senior Advisor
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