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CN Investment Division

Each year, the CNID Investment Challenge gives a unique, real-world chance to undergraduate and graduate students to boost their skills as an investment analyst covering high-quality companies and private assets.

How it Works

  • Round 1: Students must choose a pre-selected company from a list or a company of their choice and submit a two-page report detailing where they see the company in 10 years – and why.

    Up to three winning reports will be picked from each school – up to ten students will be selected and move on to the next round of the challenge.

  • Round 2: Selected students from Round 1 will work on the same company they presented in Round 1 and prepare a 20-minute pitch to present to our panel of portfolio managers.

The winner of the Challenge gets a summer internship at CNID!

For further information regarding the CNID Investment Challenge

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