Port of Prince Rupert
FEB 14, 2024

Your West Coast Gateway to North American Trade: The Port of Prince Rupert

The Port of Prince Rupert is 500 nautical miles closer to Asia than any other West Coast port in North America making it the first port of call from several ocean carriers. This can save shippers a great deal of sailing time when used as a gateway for trade.

Closer to Shanghai than Los Angeles by over 68 hours, the Port of Prince Rupert also offers the deepest natural harbour in North America and is capable to accommodating the largest vessels in the shipping trade. It offers a streamlined solution for both Eastern and Western congested shipping routes.

Port of Prince Rupert in Numbers

Nautical miles closer to Asia than any other West Coast port in North America
Meters deep and ice-free year-round
Feet of on-dock rail capacity for fast and efficient train loading and unloading operations
TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent unit) capacity

Average Transit Times From Prince Rupert

Destinations Days
Chicago 4.5 days
Toronto 5.5 days
Memphis 5.5 days

With 19,000 feet of direct on dock rail access to CN’s transcontinental network offering fluid access to Chicago in 16 days from Shanghai. Via CN, freight movers shipping to and from the Port of Prince Rupert can access critical markets across Canada and the US Midwest as well as resource hubs across Canada and the US.

Through CN’s close partnership and collaboration with the port and interested steamship lines, CN can also offer a priority train service. Through this service, priority loaded containers can make it from ship to train within hours for a same day rail departure to key Midwest markets.

This on-dock rail system at the Port of Prince Rupert ensures swift container movement upon unloading, resulting in ample rail capacity and industry-leading dwell times on the West Coast. This efficiency is also supported by the port's full range of logistics services, including transload options, export container stuffing, warehousing, and more.

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