Jonathan Hoziel EcoChampion
MAY 26, 2023

Smart Changes, Big Impact

Shared toolboxes generate savings and efficiency

EcoChampions - Jonathan Hoziel

The Locomotive Repair Centre (LRC) can be a greasy place due to the nature of its work –focusing on keeping CN’s mechanical assets in tip-top shape. In 2018, Montreal Taschereau Yard LRC Senior Manager Jonathan Hoziel, and Manager Eric Grandmaison, took a closer look at how they could improve work efficiency, employee morale and safety, while also saving money and helping the environment.

First, they took stock of the Precision Tool Centre, where each employee had their own toolbox.

“We had more than 60 toolboxes, and we’d order new tools when people lost them, so we thought if everyone shared fewer toolboxes, they’d be used around the clock seven days a week,” says Jonathan.

Heavy Duty Mechanics Sylvain Labelle and Pietro Testa gathered all the tools in the shop, bought some backups and built a variety of toolboxes – 12 mechanical, 6 electrical, 3 specialized toolboxes for locomotives, and 2 for modifications, new installations and overhauls.

“They’re all standardized with the same tools and inspected after every use. Having tools readily available impacts your asset utilization because people spend less time walking around the shop looking for things,” notes Jonathan.

The Precision Tool Centre also has new cabinets and shelving with tool-shadowing foam. Now, with everything in its place, tools are less prone to breakage or damage.

Another major improvement – replacing the LRC’s old cold water washer system with a heated high-pressure one – has reduced the use of chemical-heavy soaps and cleaning time by half, says Jonathan. The hot water blasts through the greasy dirt on floors, pits, engines, and components, allowing employees to work more efficiently.

Heated pressure washing also improves employee safety by reducing the risk of slippage on the floors and employee exposure to harsh chemicals, adds Jonathan.

“Having cleaner, safer equipment leads to a more positive work environment. It’s a win-win for everyone,” he says.

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