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FEB 02, 2023

Deploying New Innovative Remote Monitoring Technology

The smart choice for temperature-controlled cargo moving overseas

CN understands the critical importance of transparency and reliability to food shippers when shipping temperature sensitive commodities in refrigerated containers across our network.

CN’s industry-leading Temperature-Controlled Service has long provided unmatched reliability and food safety for supply chain partners. We’re now investing further to meet the needs of our customers.

 Temperature Controlled Cargo Brochure

At CN Brampton Intermodal Terminal, we have deployed innovative technologies to remotely monitor operational and temperature conditions of privately-owned 40-foot international containers while in our terminal’s possession. Our service enables international trade of various temperature-controlled cargo such as pharmaceuticals, fruit and meat products moving to and from overseas markets. This investment supports faster, more timely temperature exception management and equipment repair practices while eliminating the opportunity for human error.

The remote cloud-based monitoring software allows for increased visibility of the cargo, generating greater transparency on temperature integrity and establishing reliability and consistency within our service.

As the demand for more variety in our diets across the globe means more goods are travelling further, CN remains vigilant and focused on helping those goods arrive safely at the right temperature and on time no matter the mileage.

CN expects to deploy these advanced monitoring technologies in other CN terminals across our network in 2023.