AUG 14, 2019

Machine Vision: Cutting Edge Innovation in Equipment Inspection

CN is committed to deploying cutting edge innovation across our network

CN is committed to deploying cutting edge innovation across our network. In 2018, CN invested in the innovative technology of the Automated Inspection Portal illustrating how CN continues to move beyond strictly rail technology in order to improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of our railroad operations.

The Automated Inspection Portal is a sophisticated visualization system that provides real-time train inspection as trains travel at track speeds. Leveraging ultra high definition panoramic cameras, as well as infrared lighting, a full 360° view of the train and the undercarriage is captured. The Automated Inspection Portal utilizes machine vision applications, a subcategory of artificial intelligence with deep learning capabilities. This technology, used in conjunction with live monitoring, can help CN inspectors efficiently detect a wide variety of mechanical defects and proactively identify railcars needing maintenance

CN Machine Vision Project

By combining this technology with the unparalleled expertise of CN mechanics, engineers, and experienced railroaders, this forward-thinking investment will redefine the way that CN manages its railcar fleet. This state-of the art system will be able to inspect and assess freight cars before the train even arrives in the yard. Designed to operate day and night, as well as during extreme temperatures, CN is able to ensure that top quality inspections happen 24 hours a day, year round.

CN’s first Automated Inspection Portals are already in service in Winnipeg, with more being deployed across the CN network in 2019.