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Extreme Weather Fire Risk Mitigation Plan

For CN, as it is for your towns, cities and communities, safety is our core value, our main focus. Like you, we take nothing more seriously. That means doing everything in our power to protect our employees, customers, communities and the environment – every day.

In times of extreme weather, during the driest, hottest days of summer, it also means understanding and mitigating the increased risk of fire. Approximately 8,000 wildfires occur in Canada on an annual basis. The majority are started by lightning or human error and impact an average of 2.5 million hectares each year. These wildfires can impact the safety of the communities along our network and the efficiency of the entire supply chain. That is why CN has developed a Fire Plan and a revised Extreme Weather Fire Risk Mitigation Plan to reduce risks and increase prevention, monitoring and response to wildfires.

CN has a robust Fire Plan to address these conditions and mitigate these risks, and we have also developed additional measures to increase prevention, monitoring and response to wildfire risks during the fire season. These additional measures are included in our  Extreme Weather Fire Risk Mitigation Plan. This plan is in compliance with Transport Canada’s Railway Extreme Heat and Fire Risk Mitigation Rules, and allows us to continue to serve our customers while protecting our infrastructure and the communities near our lines.

Safety is a shared responsibility, and your perspective is important to us.

We welcome your safety related comments on the Extreme Weather Fire Risk Mitigation Plan. As we better understand your perspectives, as well as other potential risk mitigations we will continue to adjust our Extreme Weather Risk Mitigation Plan, leveraging the latest best-practices, technology and innovations. We invite all local communities and governments, including Indigenous Governments or other Indigenous Governing bodies to provide safety related comments on our Extreme Weather Fire Risk Mitigation Plan.

Please provide feedback on the plan or contact our Public Inquiry line at 1-888-888-5909.