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Dear Valued CN Customer,


To all Customers shipping Intermodal containers to/from the Province of Quebec, the Government has issued new end dates for Spring Thaw restrictions. While these dates posted by the Government of Quebec are subject to change, please note the updates below:

  • Spring thaw Zone 1: March 21st (00:01) to May 6th (23:59)
  • Spring thaw Zone 2: March 28th (00:01) to May 20th (23:59)
  • Spring thaw Zone 3: March 28th (00:01) to May 20th (23:59)

    • Spring Weight Restrictions map 2022

      Please note that payload weights in equipment to be delivered by CNTL must be reduced to meet the requirements in tables below for shipments planned to arrive after the start dates noted above.

      In the event of an overweight load, CN may arrange for transloading, or use specialty equipment to deliver the load. Any required transloading will be done at the prevailing market rate. Charges for use of quad chassis are per tariff CN-9100 Item 8560 ($800 per unit plus drayage fees). To ensure that specialty equipment is not detained, all deliveries must be live-unloads. Any overweight arrangements will be completed only after receiving written confirmation that the payer understands the charges.

       The maximum payload handled using CNR equipment during the Spring Weight Restriction period is:

      Table 1 – Maximum payloads

      (Shipment Payload prior to loading)

      53ft dry 49,100 lb
      53ft heat 47,700 lb
      53ft reefer 46,500 lb
      40ft Ecotherm 51,300 lb
      40ft dry 52,500 lb
      45ft dry
      50,400 lb
      20ft dry 51,600 lb

      Table 2 – Maximum Gross weight

      (Shipment maximum after loading)

      Steer and Drive Weights Cannot Exceed:
      Front single axle 12,000 lb
      Tandem axle 34,100 lb
      Triple axle on 60-inch spread chassis 46,300 lb
       Total Gross weight  92,400 lb

      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager or Customer Experience Representative.

      Thank you, we appreciate your business.