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Shipping Tools and Processes


Track & Trace API

Get real-time information about your shipment's location and status

GEOGPS Location Tracking

Monitor the movement of your shipments and retrieve the last GPS position either on the rail network or using CNTL trucking services.

GEO Bill of Lading Information

Get the Bill of Lading information including parties, origin/ destination, commodity and shipper reference numbers.

GEO Shipment Status

Get the last reported event for your shipment. The format provides flexibility to integrate with a tracking system that can complement or replace events reported via EDI 214, EDI 322 or CLM.

GEO Estimated Time of Arrival

Get the estimated time of arrival of equipment at either an interchange point, rail destination or customer industry.

api im tracking Third Party IM Tracking

Monitor the movement of active intermodal shipments and get an ETA at destination, weight and last reported event without having to be party to the waybill.

Carbon Calculator Carbon Calculator

Get the estimated carbon emissions for the entire transportation of your shipment, from vessel to rail to truck.