Construction Updates

Milton Logistics Hub construction is currently planned in two phases.

Site preparation activities and the first phase of construction commenced in late Fall 2021. Construction activities on site have included: installation of site monitoring equipment, surveying, placement of stakes/demarcation materials for site safety, installation of earthen berms, environmental enhancement works and excavation associated with drainage features, vegetation removal, habitat enhancements, initial works on the relocation of CN’s mainline and the Sun Canadian pipeline relocation.

Phase One construction activities is on schedule and will continue throughout the winter and into the spring of 2023.

Phase Two construction activities consist of terminal construction that includes an administration office and maintenance garage, intermodal pad, main truck entrance, employee entrance and parking areas, grade separation at Lower Base Line, and rail track to support the operation of the facility.

Learn more about construction activities here:

  Construction Fact Sheet (Fall, 2021) 

  Construction Schedule 15.2  (March, 2023)

Construction Notices

  Notice of Night Construction (January 24-25 2023)


  Construction Schedule 15.2 (January, 2023)