What is iAdvise
CN’s iAdvise program is a combination of the First Mile/Last Mile tool and a series of email notifications, designed to help you effectively manage your facility’s carload pipeline. Together, they provide increased visibility for your full pipeline, including offline traffic from origin to destination to better help you plan, monitor and act.
Your tools for


First Mile/Last Mile tool
View all traffic moving in and out of your facility, including the status of your railcars, their current location, and advanced filtering capabilities to segment your traffic.
Notification d'arrivée avancée

Receive an email or text message from our crew when they are nearing your facility, advising you of their expected arrival time so that you can prepare for their arrival. If, for any reason, the crew will not be arriving as planned, you will receive a Cancelled Service notification.

Local Service Notification

Receive advanced confirmation on all work CN plans to perform during your next scheduled assignment ­— see what is and what is not coming today.
Service Exception Notification

Be notified on exceptions and recovery plans if things don't go as planned during your scheduled assignment.

How It Works
As long as you’re an eBusiness user, you will automatically have access to First Mile/Last Mile. There are help files built right into the tool that you can switch on at any time. In addition to that, you can find all the resources you need right on this page.

Get all the details on First Mile/Last Mile in this easy-to-follow guide.

Understand what you’re seeing in each part of the tool, get to know the colour-coded status indicators, how to use the advanced filters, schedule reports and more.

How do I Subscribe


Log into CN One

through cn.ca


Launch My Rail Service

in the Track menu on your home screen


Select your company and location

Don’t forget to do this for each, if you have access to more than one


Check off each notificationn

Make sure to register for LSN, AAN, and SEN


Add additional recipients

If you’d like others within your company to receive these notifications too

Contact us
Please contact us if you have any comments or questions.