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Kelly Levis, CN Vice-President, Industrial Products (fourth from left), and other invited guests cut the ribbon at the official opening of the new wood pellet plant.

The Wood Pellets Supply Chain

On September 25, in Entwistle, AB, Pinnacle Renewable Energy opened its seventh wood pellet plant on CN rail lines – its first in Alberta. The CN customer is one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of industrial wood pellets used by utilities in the U.K., Asia and Europe as a source of renewable energy. The pellets, made from compressed wood, were previously burned simply to get rid of them. This fuel is now used in power stations around the world as a renewable alternative to coal. Pinnacle’s Canadian mills are all situated on CN rail lines, providing an efficient, environmentally-friendly mode of transportation for shipping to their terminals on the British Columbia coast.

CN continues to play a key role in the transition to a lower carbon economy by moving cleaner energy products like wood pellets, wood chips, wind turbine components, solar panels, as well as biofuel.


The first full unit train from the Entwistle plant carried 90 carloads of pellets to Pinnacle’s Westview terminal in Prince Rupert, BC, in November. The Alberta facility is expected to produce 400,000 tonnes of pellets annually.