What is CanaPux™
CanaPux™ technology is an innovative and safe way to transport extra-heavy crude, also known as bitumen in Canada. The extra-heavy crude is blended with polymer to form a solid pellet that can be transported to global markets using the same infrastructure as coal or petroleum coke. At the end of their journey the pellets can be re-liquified and the polymer can be separated and reused.

The CanaPux™ concept was developed by CN in conjunction with InnoTech Alberta.


Safety and Environment

CN puts safety first and is committed to building a sustainable future. CanaPux™ pellets embody our safety values and respect for the environment. They are not volatile, dust-free, do not burn, spontaneously combust or explode while being shipped, and do not pose a risk if involved in a derailment.

CanaPux™ pellets are designed to float in water, and they improve spill response as in the event of an incident they would simply need to be picked up. They are designed to prevent the product from leaking in the environment. In addition, CanaPux™ reuses polymers that would typically be landfilled. 

Economic Benefits

CanaPux™ pellets have the potential to diversify Canada’s energy markets and contribute to the economic growth of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Canada; in the form of investment, jobs, taxes and royalties.

While this promising transportation solution is not meant to replace pipelines in Canada, it has the potential to contribute to the economic growth of the country.

This innovative transportation solution improves market access for producers and allows global end-users to capitalize from the polymer versatility which can be recycled into new CanaPux™ pellets, reused as a road additive, water proof membranes or textiles.

Global off-takers gain important economic benefits by accessing large landlocked Canadian extra-heavy crude reserves.


CN is working with several industry partners in an effort to commercialize the CanaPux™ technology. Two ventures have been made public to-date:

Advantage Heavy Oil Development Ltd. (AHOD)

The Advantage Heavy Oil Development Ltd. (AHOD) is working toward the development of a 100,000 barrels per day CanaPux™ solidification facility in Alberta. This project could also include a diluent recovery unit (DRU) and a rail loading facility for multiple commodities. This group is looking at supplying CanaPux™ pellets to Chinese refiners.

Wapahki Energy

Wapahki Energy is a First Nations midstream company owned 100% by the Heart Lake First Nation. Working closely with Sproule. They are working toward the development of a 10,000 barrels per day CanaPux™ solidification facility in Northern Alberta. Future plans include replicating solidification plants at multiple SAGD plants. Wapahki is also planning to build a large polymer recycling facility and biomass energy plant. The biomass plant is focused on forest waste wood and fire protection management while also diverting construction and demolition waste from landfills creating economic opportunities and jobs for northern communities. The group is looking at supplying CanaPux™ pellets for non-combustion purposes in China and to off-takers in Korea.

CN is also working with InnoTech Alberta on a full ‘GHG Lifecycle Emission’ study and a ‘Fate in the Environment’ study to support CanaPux commercialization.

The Process

Transporting CanaPux™ Pellets
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