DEC 02, 2021

Say goodbye to spreadsheets! How CN APIs help Mediterranean Shipping Company's pickup number process

CN APIs improve customer supply chain visibility and help our customers to automate routine manual tasks. Our customers no longer have to rely on a web interface and spend time pulling data into spreadsheets – enabling their teams to focus on higher value work and create more value for their business.

One such customer is MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company. MSC is a global business engaged in the shipping and logistics sector. Calling at 500 ports on 230-plus trade routes, MSC carries 23 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units) annually, via a modern fleet – equipped with the latest green technologies. MSC calls on several North American ports and relies on CN to move valuable cargo throughout North America.

Ensuring that MSC’s cargo arrives safely, requires a high level of physical, and digital security.

During a digital engagement session, MSC and CN worked together to identify processes that could be digitized to help drive faster terminal operations for customers. One process identified for digitization was pickup numbers – to date a highly manual process, requiring a web interface, and time-consuming manual entry of data.

In the spirit of collaboration, CN quickly developed an API which allows payers of freight to receive their pickup numbers directly into their own system. The result? No logging in, no training requirements, no spreadsheets and best of all - no more errors - only clean, real-time data.

MSC now pulls pickup numbers directly from CN’s system at the right frequency and the right time, for thousands of containers each week, helping to increase last-mile supply chain velocity.

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