CN Train Atlantic Canada
JUL 30, 2021

A More Sustainable Way to Ship In to and Out of Atlantic Canada

Reduce Your Transportation Supply Chain GHG Emissions by Shipping With CN

Shipping by rail provides a more sustainable option for getting goods to market, and CN is proud to provide our customers with low carbon transportation solutions that leverage rail for the long haul and trucking over shorter distances. When it comes to shipping your merchandise to and from Atlantic Canada, CN is able to get closer to you and your customers than any other railway, reducing your trucking portion and helping to lower your overall transportation supply chain GHG emissions.

With tracks that extend farther into the heart of Atlantic Canada’s markets than any other rail option, as well as strategically located rail terminals throughout the region, CN is able to reduce trucking to purely first and last mile delivery. While the competition relies on larger trucking portions to access the same markets, CN’s ability to ship farther into the region by rail means that CN can offer a reduction of emissions when traveling to the same points of origin/destinations in Atlantic Canada.


Choosing CN to ship to/from Atlantic Canada means:

  • Lowering your transportation cost by leveraging rail for the long haul and trucking over shorter distances
    • Reduce your trucking portion by getting closer to your customer’s door by rail
    • Rail is the most fuel-efficient way to move freight over land
  • Reducing your supply chain GHG emissions
  • All Canadian itinerary, no customs paper-work
  • Fully integrated supply chain logistics: a unique combination of rail service, trucking, warehousing and distribution that gives you the supply chain advantage you need to stay competitive
  • Less-than-truckload (LTL): best-in-class warehouse processes for appointment deliveries, shipment status updates, reverse logistics, and delivery exception reporting

CN is proud to be part of the climate solution, offering sustainable options to get your goods to market.

CN Tracks Are Closer to Your Markets in Atlantic Canada Than Any Other Rail Line


*CN’s approach to calculating emissions adheres to the standard processes and guidance laid out by the GHG Protocol. Calculations are based on 100 containers at 16 US tons (14.1 metric tonnes) per container.

To start benefitting from the CN Advantage when shipping to Atlantic Canada, please contact our sales team.