NOV 16, 2020

EcoConnexions: EcoChampions Take Energy Action in Edmonton and Memphis

With the help of the EcoConnexions team, CN recently upgraded the outdated lighting at two facilities to improve safety and reduce our carbon emissions.

The transload facility in Memphis, TN, is a key link in the North American supply chain, moving a wide variety of commodities on and off the rail network. With increased volumes, shifts were being extended earlier in the morning and later in the evening when there is little to no daylight. Regional Manager Joel Schneider was concerned about the safety risk the lack of lighting posed for his team. With the support of Terminal Manager Jonathon Cooper, Joel worked with the Sustainability team for the funding, through the EcoFund, to replace all the lighting in both the warehouses as well as outdoors.

“As a result,” says Joel, “the whole terminal is brighter. The employees feel safer when they arrive early or leave late. Safety is also vastly improved with the elimination of shadows and blind spots.” Jonathon could not agree more: “The project is a great success for employee safety and morale, and a win for the environment!”

The Fleet Garage in Edmonton, AB, plays a crucial role in the repair and maintenance of light trucks and hi-rail vehicles. Lighting in the garage and offices is required 16 hours a day, 365 days a year. The old lighting had reached its end of life and was no longer optimal. Workers were having difficulty examining defects to be repaired on vehicles and dim lighting was having a negative effect on employee morale. Since the workers at the garage use heavy equipment, the lighting must always be bright enough to ensure safety.

Garage Supervisor Tony Karlzen and Foreman Subash Kurup put together a business case and got new LED lighting installed in the Fleet Garage and offices. “The better-quality lighting gives the workplace a whole new feeling,” says Tony. “The mood of the workers has noticeably improved.” Subash agrees: “And, with fewer shadows, the garage is safer, with less eye fatigue and fewer slips, trips and falls.”

Annually, these two lighting upgrades will save about 240,000 kWh of electricity and avoid 120 tonnes of GHG emissions.

CN’s EcoConnexions employee engagement program – a partnership with Earth Day Canada – drives sustainability across CN's network by empowering employees to conserve energy, reduce waste, and improve housekeeping.

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