NOV 10, 2020

CN’s Top-Tier Transload Partner Program

CN is dedicated to the safe and efficient movement of our customers’ goods to their end markets. We are proud to be able to provide supply chain solutions with a single point of contact, and to help our customers reach farther faster. One of the ways that CN helps extend our customers’ reach is by working with rigorously vetted, reputable supply chain partners.

Through CN’s Top-Tier Transload Partner Program, we select established transloading and warehousing partners who meet CN’s stringent requirements, and whose location, on-site equipment, and handling expertise can best serve our customers’ needs and commodities. Upon passing our vetting process, CN Top-Tier Transload Partners provide trusted additional supply chain options for our customers when shipping on CN’s transcontinental network.

By integrating our Top-Tier Transload Partners services, CN is able to expand our 31 transload and distribution facilities to 50 facilities and growing. This provides more options for end-to-end supply chain services for our customers.

To inquire about becoming a CN Top Tier Partner, please click here.

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