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SEP 02, 2020

EcoChampions Take Energy Action in Halifax

EcoChampion Jeff Wood, Interim Senior Manager with Automotive Supply Chain, recently scored a win-win for CN. In collaboration with CN’s Facilities Management project team, he coordinated a project to replace six older sections of exterior lighting in parking areas of the Eastern Passage Autoport in Halifax, NS. “The previous lighting was old technology that was inefficient and ineffective,” says Jeff. “To make matters worse, the lights and poles were rented at high cost from Nova Scotia Power.” As the exterior lighting is required 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, significant savings have been achieved through the installation of energy-efficient, CN-owned infrastructure. Installation of new poles at optimized locations and brighter LED lights resulted in improved overall lighting, generating both productivity and safety benefits.

Historically, one of the main causes of injuries at Eastern Passage stems from slips, trips, and falls. Energy-efficient lighting, while being more cost effective and better for the environment, provides increased visibility for employees who work around the clock and in all weather conditions. Increased visibility can directly lead to fewer injuries. Improved lighting also helps brighten the work environment for employees who work at night to move vehicles and perform ‘circle checks’ to ensure the vehicles are undamaged and have properly inflated tires. “People tell me it’s as bright as a soccer field,” says Jeff.

Finally, the project will result in annual savings of $185,000, lower energy consumption of 430,000 kwh, and 282 tons fewer greenhouse gas emissions every year. CN also received a $68,300 subsidy from Efficiency Nova Scotia. “But the biggest benefit is to employee morale,” concludes Jeff.

CN’s EcoConnexions employee engagement program – a partnership with Earth Day Canada – drives sustainability across CN's network by empowering employees to conserve energy, reduce waste, and improve housekeeping.

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