Waze navigation app
AUG 13, 2020

CN: Partnering to help drivers stay safe at rail crossings

Drivers now have a new tool to help them stay safe on the road

Waze, the popular navigation app, now alerts drivers when they are approaching a rail crossing. Drivers using versions 4.61 or higher of Waze will now see a banner alerting them to upcoming crossings, encouraging them to approach with caution. This feature is unique to Waze and puts drivers’ safety first, helping them remain aware of the potential risks associated with driving over railroad crossings.

The decision to add crossing alerts to the Waze map follows input from the US Senate, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the US Federal Railroad Administration, the Railway Association of Canada, Operation Lifesaver Canada, CN and other rail organizations, who provided vital data to add railway crossings to the Waze map in the US and Canada.

The result is a cross-industry, cross-sector collaboration, with Waze and the community working together. For the team at CN, it was a great opportunity to help Waze build its highway-railroad intersections database and to remain open for further sharing of crossing attributes that can contribute to safety and driver awareness. This initiative aligns with CN’s strategic agenda to use advanced technology and innovation as a key driver of value and growth for the Company.

Waze Navigation app

Leading into Rail Safety Week from September 21 to 27, CN is proud to be a part of this global effort to help drivers to arrive safely at their destination. Read the press release here.

CN would like to remind all drivers in the communities we serve to proceed with caution through any railway crossing. Drivers should slow down and prepare to stop, remember to obey all railway warning signs and signals.

CN is dedicated to providing the leadership, organization, training and resources necessary to help achieve its goal of being the safest Class 1 railroad in North America. Find out more about our commitment to safety here.