JUN 08, 2020

Connecting Canada and the Continental US to the Alaskan market

For over 55 years now, CN has offered an efficient way of shipping product to Alaska. Following the shortest water route to Alaska, the Aquatrain is a unique rail-marine barge that provides a vital link between Alaska and the rest of North America.

Measuring 400 feet long and 8 tracks wide, CN’s Aquatrain offers a capacity of 48 railcars, operates year round and provides fast 6-day service from Prince Rupert, BC to Wittier as well as daily service from Whittier to Anchorage and Fairbank, Alaska.

Advantages of CN Aquatrain:

  • Shortest water route with 6-day service from Prince Rupert BC to Whittier AK
  • Access to all major U.S. and Canadian markets
  • All carload commodities shipped in and out of Alaska

Businesses can take advantage of CN’s extensive network to get finished goods or raw materials from Canada and the continental U.S. to Alaska with the convenience of having one railcar from point of origin to destination as well as only one bill of lading.

Solutions and Partnerships

We can work with you to provide solutions for all your supply chain needs, through our partners in Anchorage and Fairbanks; including transloading, warehousing and trucking for final delivery to Prudhoe Bay and the Alaska North Slope.

To learn more about our Aquatrain services and to start shipping to Alaska, please contact us.


CN Aquatrain