Mobility an CN
MAY 12, 2020

Mobility at CN: The Future is in Motion

Next generation wireless technology has taken Transportation to new heights of safety and productivity.

By deploying thousands of mobile devices to employees in the field, CN has equipped Operations teams with access to information in the palm of their hands.

For train crews, the new tablets provide near real-time work instructions, as well as, the ability to submit reports. Tested for the extremes of conditions in the field, robust smartphones and tablets also provide access to the most up-to-date safety and operational information. Our first priority is the safety of our crews, our customer goods and the communities we travel through. Seamless integration of the latest safety information to our mobile applications means our crews can take safe, effective action in the field.

For CN customers, the latest in smartphone technology now provides much visibility through Advance Arrival Notifications, which helps them to prepare more efficiently for the arrival of merchandise, driving up productivity levels and customer satisfaction.

Mobility benefits at a glance:

  • Reduced paperwork by digitizing the operating manual
  • Improved visibility of completed work or additional work requested
  • Notification from train crew on estimated time of arrival to the customer's site
  • Better planning capabilities and safer, more efficient operations

This is just the beginning of CN’s mobile transformation. The line up of many new Operations-oriented mobility initiatives, with the ability to span functions, will result in creating a connected railroad that informs and empowers CN employees. Through innovative mobile applications, improvements in business decisions, operational efficiency and agility will fundamentally transform how we work and manage CN’s valuable franchise.