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DEC 11, 2019

CN Railroaders in the Community: Angelique Cope

Angelique Cope reaches out to single parents in her community

In 2009, CN Railroader in the Community Angelique Cope was raising two daughters aged six and 10 as a single parent when destiny stepped in. One day, as she was having lunch at a restaurant while researching summer childcare, she overheard a young woman at the next table talking about a summer camp.

Turns out that woman, Dr. Nicole Howell-Scott, had recently launched American Association of Single Parents (AASP), a non-profit organization in south Chicago dedicated to helping people like Angelique.

"“I struck up a conversation with her, and we’ve been inseparable ever since," says Angelique, an Assistant Manager of Contracts in Homewood, IL, who joined CN in 2007.

When Nicole told me about the organization, I immediately knew I wanted to make a difference and empower the community of single parents. I also wanted the organization to help me cultivate my daughters to be world changers..”

Angelique was appointed to AASP’s Board of Directors in December 2017 and has taken on many volunteer roles at the organization, coordinating activities and workshops, as well as helping with community outreach.

We try to empower our families to break the cycle of poverty. I have so many ideas. Last spring, I curated a 12-part workshop called ‘The Single Mom Slay – Conquering Motherhood One Slay At A Time. I am elated to help moms reach their goals and live their best life despite the challenges of being a single parent. . ”

AASP recently received its third CN Railroaders in the Community grant, which funds supplies for children enrolled in summer programs, and financial literacy workshops.

Transforming the pain and struggles that I went through personally to empower these single parents who may not have anyone to lean on or talk to is the most fulfilling part of my volunteer work. . ”

“Angelique is such a beautiful person, and we value her commitment and wonderful support to our organization.

Dr. Nicole Howell-Scott
  Angelique Cope (RIGHT) seen here with Dr. Nicole Howell-Scott