Avatar Corporation
MAR 28, 2019

Realizing the Potential of Direct Rail Service

How CN is helping customers like Avatar in the Chicago area get rail-served

Approximately 35 miles outside of Chicago is Governors Gateway Industrial Park in University Park, Illinois. With over 5 decades of industrial rail service history, Governor’s Gateway Industrial Park provides a tremendous opportunity for businesses that would like to be rail-served as was discovered by new CN customer Avatar Corporation.

A leading manufacturer in raw materials and ingredients used in the food, drug, and personal care industries, when Avatar Corporation first moved into the industrial park, the company did not have an on-site connection to the existing rail infrastructure of the area and so they relied on trucking direct as well as third party shipping solutions. Realizing the potential of direct rail service to improve efficiencies and decrease costs, Avatar Corporation connected with the Business Development team at CN.

Avatar story

Working collaboratively, CN Railway and Avatar Corporation kicked off the build project mid 2017 with construction ending in 2018 and Avatar receiving their first rail car delivery this past January. 

With capacity still available in the University Park area, as well as other areas along CN’s extensive network, CN is ready to work with other businesses interested in realizing the potential of a direct rail connection. For more information on how to become rail-served, contact our Business Development team.