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MAR 01, 2019

CN Railway Joins EMP

Providing flexibility for our IMC customers

CN Railway continues to invest in broadening our range of intermodal services in North America. As such, the CN intermodal team is proud to announce that we have recently joined Union Pacific and Norfolk Southern’s EMP program, the largest network of North American containers, in order to help provide nation-wide supply chain flexibility for our IMC customers.

EMP is a domestic interline service providing nation-wide coverage within North America and offering a fleet of more than 40,000 53’ containers. Through EMP, intermodal IMC’s have access to most major cities within the United States and several major markets in Mexico. With the recent addition of CN Railway to the group of EMP partners, EMP now has access to the largest amount of Canadian destinations available north of the border allowing customers to reach even farther.


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This new product offering provides access to North American markets with transborder CN ramp-to-ramp EMP routing. Leveraging CN’s safe and extensive network, complete Canadian coverage, and access to key markets in the US including Chicago, Memphis, Detroit and New Orleans, EMP represents a significant opportunity for IMC customers to utilize strategically located CN ramps in order to tap into additional capacity with a ready supply of free-running containers moving throughout a nationwide intermodal network.

Formerly an agent, CN joins the EMP program with an initial contribution of 500 containers to be increased by an additional 500 containers going forward. As the only railroad to provide access to all of Canada as well as the best and fastest transborder service to Canadian destinations, CN’s joining of EMP will continue to help our IMC customers reach farther and get to more markets with truck-competitive rail service in key lanes.

To start taking advantage of the EMP program through CN, contact us today!