LiveLift Port Huron
FEB 01, 2019

CN’s Live Lift Comes to Port Huron

Another seamless border to help our customers reach farther faster


In November 2018, the industry-changing Live Lift operation that CN pioneered at our Ranier, MN facility became operational at CN’s Port Huron, MI border crossing.

Live Lift is a CN innovation dating back to 2011 that greatly speeds up border crossings for our customers by allowing for single container inspection. With CN Live Lift, single containers can be removed from a “live” train for inspection without the need to switch cars off of the train. This means faster board crossings, less train delays, and no other containers being delayed simply for being on the same car as an inspected container.

At our Ranier, MN facility the success of our Live Lift model has proven to improve border crossing speed and efficiency, as well as crew and resource utilization, leading to a seamless border crossing experience for CN customers.

Our Port Huron border crossing facility is now proudly taking advantage of Live Lift operations for both inbound as well as outbound trains. With a crane that can pivot between tracks, the Live Lift design at Port Huron allows for easy access to inspect containers on two tracks and on bi-directional trains.

Our Port Huron boarder crossing facility also features:

  • On-site US customs examination facility
  • On-site US customs officers
  • Off-site fumigation facility

By maintaining close working relationships with local customs management and officers and through innovations like CN’s Live Lift, CN is dedicated to creating fluid border crossings for our customers in order to help them reach more markets faster.

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Port Huron map
LiveLift Port Huron