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Ray-Mont Logistics to Build a Grain Container Stuffing Operation in Prince Rupert


New Grain Facility to Open in Prince Rupert

Ray-Mont Logistics to build a grain container stuffing operation in Prince Rupert

A new partnership between Ray-Mont Logistics, CN and the Port of Prince Rupert would see the building of a new grain container stuffing facility up and running for the 2017/2018 grain crop.

The new facility will be located on Ridley Island in the Road, Rail & Utility Corridor (RRUC). It will be capable of handling unit trains and pulse crops for container stuffing and forwarding to final destination. It is the only unit train stuffing facility on Canada’s West Coast.

Ray-Mont Logistics is a market leader in specialized logistics associated with the international transportation of grain products by container. Whether these products are lentils, chickpeas or grains of all kinds, Ray-Mont Logistics has the expertise and the equipment to transship bulk grain products, bag them, containerize them, handle, transport and ship them through railway and seaway.

Update: Excellent progress has been made on the Ray-Mont Logistics facility and it will now be ready for business starting on August 29, 2017. The facility will launch with an initial capacity of 25 cars per day, which will grow to approximately 40 cars per day. The timing on the opening of the new grain transload facility lines up perfectly with the completion of the expansion project at the Port of Prince Rupert and will greatly benefit the overall grain export supply chain.

CN is looking forward to working with Ray-Mont Logistics at this new facility. 

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