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Making cool moves

CN Cargocool

Making cool moves

Shipping temperature-sensitive goods in smart containers

When it comes to food, we’re often told to make smart choices.

For food shippers, that means shipping in smart refrigerated containers.

CN’s CargoCool service is equipped with an advanced monitoring system that detects even the slightest variation from the temperature designated for the cargo. Not all foods are shipped equally.

For example, apples need to be shipped at  -1 to +4 degrees Celsius and yams need to be shipped at 16 to 20 degrees Celsius. CargoCool containers are customizable, allowing us adjust them according to our customer’s needs.

We’ve been investing in our fleet of cold supply chain containers steadily over the past five years. In 2015, after seeing an increased demand from customers, CN invested $20-million in expanding CargoCool and acquired 200 more 53-foot temperature-controlled containers to move domestic goods. We also acquired 32 electrical generators to move 40-foot international containers to and from CN-served ports to our intermodal trains.

Shipping smarter also means making greener moves. CN’s CargoCool gensets enable us to power up to 17 refrigerated containers at once, compared to just one by truck. Rail emits four times less greenhouse gases than trucking.

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No matter what we’re moving, safety is our top priority. That includes food safety. The demand for more variety in our diets across the globe means more specialty goods are travelling further. We help those goods arrive safely, no matter the mileage.

Food consumers are selective and know exactly what they want to eat. CargoCool preserves food items the way you envision them on your customer’s plate.

To learn more about CargoCool, visit our microsite.

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