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G3 Vancouver Terminal

A conduit for competing in the global grain market

An effective, efficient grain supply chain hinges on innovation and investment.

These are the elements of G3 Terminal Vancouver, a new facility designed to optimize grain receiving, storage and shipping throughput operations on Canada’s west coast. As a transportation provider, we understand the importance of staying competitive in the global market for grain farmers and producers. Working alongside partners like G3 allows us to help transform the grain supply chain.

The efficient G3 model will allow for more grain to move from the Prairie Provinces to export in a shorter and more efficient car cycle.

CN will work alongside G3, carrying grain and specialty crop products from key farming communities throughout the Prairies to this North Vancouver facility.


This new G3 facility is a welcome addition to Canada’s grain supply chain, offering new, efficient solutions to help farmers get more of their crops to market. CN believes innovative partnerships like this enhance the movement of grain and make Canada more competitive on the global market.

Doug MacDonald,
CN Vice-President, Bulk


CN, the Port of Vancouver, and all parties are working with the governments to find long-term solutions to the congestion issues around rail service to the North Shore. G3’s terminal is well-equipped to meet the volume of traffic coming through the facility.

To see the project details in full, visit G3 project website for more information.