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GrainsConnect Canada announces location of new grain terminal in Canada

Grain Terminal Opening

GrainsConnect Canada announces location of new grain terminal in Canada

Strong partnerships produce innovation.

That’s why CN and GrainsConnect Canada have come together to build a modern high-throughput grain terminal as part of an international joint venture.

The state-of-the-art terminal will be built in Maymont, Sask., northwest of Saskatoon on CN’s Prairie North Rail Line between Winnipeg and Edmonton.

“This is a significant milestone for GrainsConnect Canada as it represents the first stage of our substantial investment in Canadian grain infrastructure.” GrainsConnect Canada President Warren Stow said at the official sod turning this month.

The Maymont terminal will feature the latest grain elevator and shuttle loader technologies, ensuring an efficient supply chain from terminal through to international customers. The new site will have 35,000 tonnes of storage and utilize a 130- grain hopper car train loop – allowing the site to load a full train in fewer than 10 hours.

GrainsConnect Canada


We are pleased GrainsConnect Canada has chosen to locate its first Canadian grain terminal in Maymont on our rail network. CN’s strong collaboration with GrainsConnect and other grain supply chain stakeholders will help increase the competitiveness of Saskatchewan producers in their global end markets

JJ Ruest,
CN Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer


Stow added: “This is great news for growers as it increases their choice and options for their grain production. GrainsConnect is a major global grain partnership that brings new demand and connects the region’s grower base to our global consumer demand base".

Terminal construction began in June, with an expected completion date in late 2017. The project will create additional jobs during construction, as well as add full-time roles when the site is operational.

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