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Safety Policy

Safety is a core value at CN. The Company strives to safeguard our employees and assets, our customers’ goods, our neighbouring communities, and the environment at all times.

CN is dedicated to providing the leadership, organization, training and resources necessary to help achieve its goal of being the safest Class I railroad in North America through a continual focus on:

A Strong Safety Culture

Where every employee is committed to their personal safety, to looking out for each other, and to safely operating through the communities we serve.

A Safe Work Environment

Where safely conducting all operations is the top priority, regardless of the nature, importance or urgency of the job.

Safe Work Practices and Training

That ensure employees have the necessary tools and training to work safely.

CN uses a wide variety of processes and initiatives to maintain a safe workplace. This includes our Safety Management System, a formal framework for integrating safety into day-to-day railway operations, which applies to all company employees and also governs CN’s relationship with contractors and other stakeholders while on CN property.

CN cooperates and engages with regulatory agencies. It complies with all applicable regulations to maintain a safe, secure and healthy workplace. All employees are responsible for complying with all company safety policies, rules and procedures.