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Contractors - eRailsafe



For a More Secure Workplace

CN’s commitment to further enhancing safety and security is ongoing… and all encompassing. It does not only include our people, customers and partners. It also involves contractors and sub-contractors. It’s why we recently rolled out eRailsafe, a program specifically designed for contractors and sub-contractors, in Canada.

eRailsafe will ensure:

  • Contractors performing work for CN have the necessary credentials and training to work on our property
  • Work is performed in accordance with our expectations and safety requirements.
  • Security is enhanced at CN through the contractor screening process.

eRailsafe consists of a three-step process:

  • A criminal background check (which is managed through CN Police)
  • Safety and security training
  • The issuance of a credential in the form of a photo ID badge.

Contractors require credentials through the eRailsafe program in order to perform work on railway property in accordance with their contract with CN.

For more details on the eRailsafe program:

Questions about enrollment procedures, costs and technical support – contact eRailsafe at 1-800-923-2322 or visit

Other questions regarding CN’s eRailsafe Policy – contact:

David Smith
IC-Special Agent



Email David