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Brampton Smart Terminal Enhancements

Improving Capacity and Service Level

At CN, we’re dedicated to continuous improvement. As we look at the expected growth in the near future, we have embarked on a journey to build our capacity and further improve customer service at the Brampton Intermodal Terminal (BIT) through the launch of the Smart Terminal Project.

The Smart Terminal Project is a multiyear rollout that will help support the year over year growth at BIT. The Smart Terminal Project will combine the benefits of a new yard design and technology updates. This project is being released in phases throughout 2020 and 2021.

In light of this focus, we have redesigned our BIT yard, which will help improve capacity, fluidity and service levels, while maintaining our priority for safety.

Some of the changes to the yard include:

  • Renaming yard into North and South sections
  • Introducing the concept of aisles.
  • Adding new naming conventions such as lettered zones, aisle numbers and slots for added accuracy.
  • Opening the middle crossing to help evenly spread traffic throughout the yard and reduce congestion. The middle crossing will continue to serve as the divide of the yard, between north and south.
  • Introducing one-way traffic in certain aisles of the yard. The middle crossing will be bidirectional and allow for an end to end crossing through the yard

These changes will help our carter community quickly locate containers, resulting in improved service time, reduced congestion while improving the overall experience for every carter.