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Prices, Tariffs & Transit Times

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Did you know that you can fit two to three truckloads into one single railcar? This means cost-savings for you any way you look at it. Not rail served but still want to save? Intermodal shipping allows you to enjoy the cost benefits of rail shipping over long distances and the convenience of door-to-door trucking delivery. The best part? Our prices are competitive. We work hard at looking at all the market factors to provide you with the best price and route possible.

Tools & documents to help you with your transportation purchase

Get transit time – find out how many hours it takes to move a shipment from origin to destination

Get route – find the most efficient locations for interchanging your carload traffic with other Class 1 railroads

Fuel surcharge – look up CN’s fuel surcharge tariff details

Exchange Rate – check the value of the Canadian dollar against the U.S. dollar and vice versa

Price documents – locate the latest version of a price publication and view, search, print, download and subscribe to any price document

Optional services – check out the services we offer that go beyond the basic hauling of freight

Get a carload price – look up public prices for all carload commodities on CN's network, get the transit times for CN local moves, as well as  interline prices with other Class 1 carriers and compare a given the carload price with an intermodal price.

Get an intermodal price – obtain a price quote for your domestic or overseas intermodal shipments with CN. Once you log in, you can look up customer-specific prices for intermodal shipments and download all the detailed price information directly to your computer.