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November 30, 2010 - Aquatrain is a unique rail-marine barge service that provides a vital link between Alaska and the rest of North America. Here is why you should try Aquatrain:

          1. Fast Service; 4 days from Prince Rupert to Whittier AK
          2. Shortest water route to Alaska by 600 miles compared to southern ports.
          3. Shipment stays on the rail car from origin to destination and only one bill of lading.
          4. Daily service from Anchorage to Fairbanks, AK.
          5. Over 40 years of experience. 
          6. Operates year round.
          7. One of the world's largest railcar barges carrying 45 railcars on 8 tracks.

Call us today for pricing and shipping information 1.888.426.9962.